Stuart Clayton

Level 42 Bass Transcriptions Volume 3

Level 42 Bass Transcriptions Volume 3 contains a wide variety of album tracks from the band’s career including hit songs such as ‘To Be With You Again’ and lengthy instrumental tracks such as ‘The Essential’. All transcriptions are written in both standard notation and tablature, and include chord symbols. There are detailed performance notes on each track.

The book contains the following songs:

  1. A Floating Life
  2. A Pharaoh’s Dream
  3. Clocks Go Forward
  4. Coup D’Etat
  5. Dance On Heavy Weather
  6. Freedom Someday
  7. Good Man In A Storm
  8. Goodbye Ray Schmidt-Volk
  9. Heaven In My Hands
  10. Hours By The Window
  11. I Sleep On My Heart
  12. It’s Not The Same For Us
  13. I Want Eyes
  14. Leaving Me Now
  15. My Hero
  16. Seven Days
  17. Take A Look
  18. The Essential
  19. The Sleepwalkers
  20. To Be With You Again
  21. Tracie
  22. Why Are You Leaving?
  23. World Machine

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