Stuart Clayton

The John Entwistle Bass Book

The John Entwistle Bass Book contains full transcriptions of nineteen songs from John’s career with The Who. All transcriptions are in standard notation and tablature and include chord symbols and detailed performance notes. In addition to the transcriptions there is a detailed history of John’s career, an in-depth analysis of his unique playing techniques and extensive information on the basses and amplifiers he used throughout his career.

The book contains the following songs:

  1. 5:15
  2. Baba O’Riley
  3. Behind Blue Eyes
  4. Boris The Spider
  5. Call Me Lightning
  6. Dreaming From The Waist
  7. Happy Jack
  8. Heaven & Hell (Live)
  9. My Generation
  10. My Wife
  11. Pinball Wizard
  12. Sparks
  13. Substitute
  14. Success Story
  15. The Real Me (2 Versions)
  16. The Seeker
  17. Who Are You
  18. Won’t Get Fooled Again

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