Stuart Clayton

The Midnight Toys – Lonely Satellite

The Midnight Toys is a Devon-based rock trio that was started by two good friends of mine. When I joined the band a lot of material was already written so I just wrote the best baselines that I could for the material. It was recorded and mixed in September 2009 in a little over a week.

I used my GB Rumour 4-string on all the tracks and DI’d from my EBS HD350. I’m really proud of some of the basslines on this album – ‘Someone Else is Touching You Now’, ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and ‘Better Than Me’ are personal highlights. I played one gig with the band before I realised I was too busy to fit it into my schedule. Fortunately the band found another bassist easily enough and are currently about to record their second album. Check them out at:

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