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Stuart Clayton is one of the UK’s most respected bassists and teachers. Throughout his career he has written for the UK’s Bass Guitar Magazine, authored and published 18 bass tuition books, and toured the world with artists such as legendary drummer Carl Palmer. He is currently the Head of Bass at the Bristol branch of the British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) and is a fully qualified teacher, able to teach students all the way to degree level. He holds PG Cert and PTTLS qualifications and is fully CRB checked.

Stuart teaches from his home in Barnstaple, North Devon, but also offers live webcam lessons via Skype, as well as correspondence lessons. With prior arrangement, lessons in the Exeter and Bristol areas are possible on certain days.

Private lessons are £30 per hour. A free 15 minute consultation either in person or via phone is included for every new student. This can either be done in advance of the first lesson, or scheduled before the first lesson. There are discounts available for block bookings, so please ask for details.

Skype lessons are £30 per hour. To have a Skype lesson, you will need the Skype software installed on your computer and a high speed internet connection. A free test is advised before booking in order to ensure that your internet connection is sufficient. This can be arranged with Stuart at a time to suit you. Lessons via iChat and AIM are also possible.

Correspondence lessons are also available, but please contact Stuart for details.

Regular students (students who have had at least three lessons) will be able to purchase any of Stuart’s books with a 25% Discount! The books that Stuart has written can be viewed under the Books menu, and also at Stuart’s publishing website Bassline Publishing.

Stuart can be contacted at

11 Responses

  1. Anne Lloyd #

    Hello Stuart

    My son, Tom, saw you for an assessment at BIMM today and is very keen to get up to speed to try again later in the year.

    Would you please let me know if you are available for private lessons, in Bristol if possible?

    Many thanks


  2. Kelvin Levels #

    Hello Stuart!

    Love your books and would be interested in lessons via Skype (I am in the US).


  3. Ian Chappell #

    Hi Stuart
    ive been excepted onto the professional diploma course at bimm for next year.
    i saw an advert for your lessons in pmt in bristol and im wondering if it would be a good idea to have a few lessons before i start bimm next year to really give myself a good head start at the course.
    would it be possible to have say 3-4 lessons with you?
    if u need to contact me by phone my mobile number is 07801509089

  4. mikey c #

    hi, how do i sign up for skype lessons??
    looking forward to your reply

  5. Stuart #

    Drop me an email at

  6. Anton #

    hello Stuart, love ur book with the Bernard Edwards & Nile Rogers ”funk and disco” .. I am way off yet to play like that but. one day ….

    Just me being curious, in that book, did u also write the guitar-parts?

    best regards Anton

    (and I am about to recieve your level-42 book, see if I can make my thumb bounce ….)

  7. Stuart #

    Hi Anton,
    Yes, I did write the guitar parts, and they were checked by a pro guitarist friend of mine.

  8. Anton #

    hi sire,

    that’s impressive.

    regards Anton


    Hi Stuart
    I was looking on the web for info on Axe Basses and found your site.
    Wow how interesting to know you started with an Axe Bass . I still have mine and i still haven’t learned how to play in all these years .
    Could you tell me how hard do you need to press on the strings ? and would it be possible for me to play normally with only 3 fingers as i have half a finger missing from my 3rd diget.
    Well done with your endevors.
    Garry , now aged 49

  10. stuartclayton #

    Hi Garry,
    Thanks for your message. Yes, I started with an Axe bass, and although I don’t have it anymore, I wish I still did. I nearly bought one on eBay the other day actually!

    With regard to how hard to press on the strings, I assume you mean with the fretting hand? If so, then you need to press as hard as is necessary to hold the string against the fretboard and play a strong, clear note.

    Yes, of course you will be able to play with only three fingers. Many bassists only use two fingers for plucking (sometimes only one!), so I would think you’d have no big problems there.

    Thanks again

  11. doug yoder #

    Hi, I’ve just now watched a video of you tapping “Shape of My Heart” … I’ve actually never heard of you before, but I was completely impressed and inspired with your abilities!! …definitely make me want to learn more of this technique for myself – ‘best wishes to you!!!

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