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Solo Arrangements for Electric Bass on sale now!

The long-awaited (by some) book Solo Arrangements for Electric Bass is now available from my publishing company Bassline Publishing ( The book features solo bass arrangements of ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Shape of My Heart’ and more, plus interviews with all of the major contributors to the solo bass genre.

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  1. Jeff #

    They don’t ship outside Europe/UK. What gives??

  2. Stuart #

    Hi Jeff,
    Copyright permission does not permit me to sell the book outside of the UK and Europe.

  3. Chris #

    Ive been trying to buy this book for 6 months, but i cant find any for sale (bassline publishing says its out of stock).
    Is there any chance to see a reissue of this book one of those days ?
    (I hope my english is correct enough, im french…)
    And by the way, when i seen your videos of Nothing else matters, and much more when i seen Shape of my heart, it was like… (I cant find words to say it in english)
    To me its not only bass solos, its just like pure emotions.
    Ive been working on Nothing else matters and Jazz meddley for 6 months (from the free scores from basslines publishing). I still need to practice a bit to play them perfect, but at least it sounds like a real solo now.,
    But now i’d really like to play Shape of my heart, thats only for this song i’d like to buy your book, so please tell me there will be a reusiie soon…
    Greetings from France

  4. stuartclayton #

    Hi Chris,

    The book was available until a few days ago, but we sold out over Christmas. More copies have been ordered and will be with us within 2 weeks, so the book will be back on sale soon.

    Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you are enjoying my solo pieces!

    Best wishes

  5. Chris #

    This is the best to start a new year, i cant wait till i can get it.

    And about the kind words, thats nothing…
    I had 3 big emotions by earing bass in my life, first time i listened to Jaco, first time i listened to Marcus and now first time i listened to you (you re not in bad company hehe).
    You really should release some CDs of your music.
    I cant understand why i didnt meet your music earlier…
    I will check basslines publishing in like 2 weeks.
    Thanks for the answer and keep on doing your great work for bass players.
    (One more time, forgive me if my english is confusing, but its not my native language and i dont use any translator)


  6. Chris #

    Oh and by the way, My funny Valentine in Jazz meddley is so emotional too, you should write a complete solo arrangement for it…

  7. Rob Naylor #

    Hi Stuart – first of all “Wow!” – I’m blown away by the vids that I’ve seen on Youtube. Incredible stuff! I really want to buy your book, any idea as to when it will be available again?
    (Just as a side note, re. “Nothing Else Matters”, it’s actually James Hetfield playing the guitar solo – I always thought he was better and played with more “feel” than Hammett)

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